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Superhero Bluegill

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Name: Bluegill
Alias: Sonya Webster
Location: Albion, Michigan
Headquarters: Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan
Daily Conqueror of: Cerebral Palsy
Special Power: Archery
Power-in-Process: Telekinesis

In many ways, Sonya is a typical seventh-grader. She reads Harry Potter books, she loves Japanese anime and she's a big fan of pandas. But that's her secret identity. What Sonya - aka Bluegill - does every day? She conquers cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects her movement, motor skills and muscle development throughout her body, including her lungs. While she is using her superpowers to hone her archery skills at the Marshall Rec Center under the deft tutelage of her favorite instructor, Justin, she's also working to strengthen her muscles and her aim.

"In archery, you just have to stand and use your arm muscle tone," Bluegill said. "Justin says once I get accuracy down, I'm gonna be a beast. I have the best form he's ever seen."

When Bluegill needs some extra assistance with her strength, she retreats to her secret lair - the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan. Born 11 weeks early, the House was home for 37 days after she was born, and now they stay there while Bluegill receives physical therapy. There, she and her Supermom Samantha, feel safe, protected and supported.

"She loves it there," Samantha said. "She considers going there a vacation."

In addition to working on her archery skills and her strength, Bluegill is hoping to achieve an additional superpower: telekinesis. Why telekinesis? "I wouldn't have to get up from the couch."

With that skill conquered, Bluegill could hang out on the couch all day, watching YouTube videos of her favorite vlogger, Miss Mina, who makes food and travel videos. Bluegill's favorites feature Miss Mina staying in capsule hotels and trying street food in Japan.

"I am a Japanese enthusiast," she said proudly. She loves the culture, the anime and the food. "Dumplings are my favorite." One day, she hopes to travel to Japan to eat ice cream out of a cone shaped like a fish.

In the meantime, she takes comfort knowing the House is there for her. "She knows the staff and volunteers by name," Samantha said. "They're her extended family." A super family, to be sure.

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