Three photos of a boy named Jeremiah - two of him by himself, one sitting next to Ronald McDonald

Jeremiah Makes His Mark

Lansing, MI

While enjoying a McDonald’s Happy Meal on a summer Saturday, Jeremiah (age 7) noticed the letters RMHC on his Happy Meal box. After learning what those letters stood for, he dialed the phone number on his Happy Meal box and left a message. That following Monday, he received a call from Ronald McDonald House Charities Mid-Michigan.

Jeremiah had watched a video on YouTube and learned that people have their name engraved on bricks to make their mark on the world, honor their family members and more. He decided he wanted to purchase a brick at Ronald McDonald House Charities Mid-Michigan.

Per Jeremiah’s mother, all communication and planning were done after school between Jeremiah and the House Community Outreach Coordinator. Jeremiah decided on an inscription for his brick:





In early November, Jeremiah and his mother visited the House to see the engraved brick in place within the Ronald McDonald House Reflection Garden. They toured the House after hours, met the staff, and learned more about RMHC. Jeremiah plans to return as a volunteer next summer, after his baby brother is born in March.

Jeremiah brought smiles to everyone throughout this process! If he is on a mission to make his mark on this world, he has a great start!